Selective Demolition

Our selective demolition services are always in high demand. We use Brokk and Husqvarna DXR remote demolition robots for safety and efficiency. Both machines are wireless remote controlled, and utilize a wide variety of tools, making them ideal for operating in any environment especially when no operator presence is required due to demanding environments. The Robots are designed to perform on all types of surfaces and in unique situations.

While our specialized machinery can perform tasks outdoors, however, the primary function is zero emission, interior, confined work areas. Due to the compact nature of these specialized machines they can fit through doorways and into elevators. Additionally, with the Electric Powered Machines, the machines can be operated with selective tools that produce low decibel noise levels. This operation is a savings to the Customer, as we can perform a complex scope of work during normal hours, saving money and time.

Powering this equipment can be accomplished by either on site power or portable generator. The overall size and dimensions of these machines can be misleading, as the engineering and design features are predominately greater than their outward appearance

We're committed to delivering excellent customer service with your projects done right, on time and on budget. You'll be impressed with our well trained and safety conscious staff and we'll make every effort to be a team member, building lasting relationships. Call us today to discuss your next project.

Applications include: Interior Demolition | Exterior Demolition | Interior Excavating | Exterior Excavating | Interior Compaction | Exterior Compaction | Material Handling | Material Loading | Debris Removal

We can provide expert selective demolition services for:

  • Electric Excavation - Up to 10' deep 
  • Electric Compaction - Soil Tamping, Aggregate Tamping
  • Electric Material Hauling - Georgia Buggies
  • Electric Material Handling - Material Loader with Bucket
  • Remote Electric Demolition - BROKK and Husqvarna with Grapples, Crushers, Hydraulic Hammer, etc.


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