Zero Emission Machinery

Our zero emission interior demolition services are always in big demand. We use Brokk Machinery and Husqvarna DXR remote demolition robots for safety and efficiency. BROKK machines are remotely controlled and have a variety of demolition tools, making them perfect for operating interior spaces. The DXR can operate on uneven surfaces or close to walls which is perfect for typical demolition work in tough situations involving a lot of vibration, concrete dust and water.

While our electric demolition machinery can perform tasks outside, they're also very well suited for interior use. Due to the compact nature of these specialized machines they can fit through doorways and into elevators. Additionally, no exhaust fumes are produced which is ideal for inside projects. If the proper electrical power supply required to run the machines is not available on site our portable Caterpillar generators are always at the ready. 

If you're in need of professional interior demolition services we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. We're committed to delivering exceptional customer service with your projects done right, on time and on budget. You'll be amazed with our well trained and safety conscious staff and we'll make every effort to ensure that you are a happy and repeat client. Call us now to discuss your next project.

Applications include: Interior Demolition | Exterior Demolition | Interior Excavating | Exterior Excavating | Interior Compaction | Exterior Compaction | Material Handling | Material Loading | Debris Removal | Concrete Demolition | Concrete Removal

We can provide expert zero emission interior demolition services for:

  • Electric Excavation - Up to 10' deep 
  • Electric Compaction - Soil Tamping, Aggregate Tamping
  • Electric Material Hauling - Georgia Buggies
  • Electric Material Handling - Material Loader with Bucket
  • Remote Electric Demolition - BROKK and Husqvarna with Grapples, Crushers, Forks, Jack Hammer, etc.
  • Concrete Removal
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Industrial Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Residential Demolition


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