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Employee Photo Contest

Precision Cutting & Coring

Employee Photo Contest

As previously discussed at our safety meeting on 4-13-2016 we will be having an employee photo contest. Everybody is encouraged to participate and if you have any questions please get in touch with James Robinson.

Here’s how you can participate

Throughout your shift and when you see an opportunity to snap an interesting photo of your work just pause briefly and snap one or more shots with your smart phone or camera. Once you have taken the pictures you can deliver them to James Robinson or Marky Guertin via email or any other method that is convenient for you.

Here’s how it works

As the submitted photos are gathered they will be loaded into a dedicated folder at Facebook and put on display for the world to see. We will also be sharing and boosting these folders on one or more additional social networks. On or near the end of May we will tally each photo to determine how many likes and shares it has received. Whichever photo receives the highest quantity of total likes and shares will be declared the winner.

Here’s what you’ll get if you win

Whoever submits the winning photo will have the opportunity to select their prize from several choices. Prize choices include but may not be limited to 2 tickets to a sporting event, a gift certificate for a local restaurant, a gift certificate for a local retail store or the option to clock out a bit early and still get paid.

Here’s some helpful tips

  • The sooner you submit your photos the more time they’ll have to gain votes
  • The more photos you submit the better your odds of winning
  • You can increase your photo likes and shares by using your own social pages
  • The more interesting your photos are the more likely they will get interaction

Once the winner is determined and announced we will update this blog post with their name, photo, like and share count and choice of prize. Additionally, all of the other submitted photos will be added here as well.

Good Luck!