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Industrial Concrete Demolition

6,000 Sq. Feet Of Industrial Slab Removed In Just Two Days!

Project Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
Project Type: Industrial
Project Task: Concrete demolition and removal of 6,000 sq. feet of interior slab.
Project Date: July 2-3, 2016

Project Details: On this industrial concrete demolition project we were called in to execute an expedited removal of 6,000 square feet of interior slab. In order to provide minimal interruptions to normal business operations this project had to be completed in two days over the 4th of July weekend.

In order to meet the tight deadline we staged three expert operators along with three remote control demolition robots. The machinery used was a BROKK 100, BROKK 160 and Husqvarna DXR310. Everything went smoothly and the project was completed on time and on budget thanks to a coordinated team effort with the facility engineers, the general contractor and the hard work of our amazing crew.

Our choice in machinery provided maximum safety and production while also producing no emissions which is ideal for interior work such as this. Because this facility specializes in food processing it was critical to complete the scope of work very quickly in order to avoid adversely impacting plant production goals. Our tasks on this project included the following:

  • Saw cut the concrete slab
  • Remove and haul the concrete slab

As depicted in the video and photos below you can see that our team members did an outstanding job on this project. In just two days, everything was accomplished safely and professionally. We pride ourselves in offering intelligent and affordable solutions for our valued concrete demolition customers and we always strive to deliver all tasks on-time and on-budget. If you are in need of concrete demolition and concrete removal just give us a call at 913-681-9050 to discuss your needs. If you prefer send an email to or submit a request form online by visiting

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