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Project Location: Kansas City
Project Type: Commercial - New Construction
Project Task: Concrete Demolition - Concrete Removal
Project Date: April 9, 2016

Project Details: This new construction project was facing a dilemma in that structural steel was sagging under the load of an already poured structural concrete slab. A determination was made that the existing slab would have to be removed to facilitate modifications and corrections to the supporting structural steel.

In order to prevent project delays it was decided that the concrete demolition process would need to be expedited and so we were called in and tasked with that responsibility. Additionally, as this scope of work was not anticipated it was also very critical that costs would be minimized.

Our first step was to coordinate with the General Contractor and Steel Erector to develop the best possible strategy. Working as a team it was decided that the slab would be layed out and marked according to the bay dimensions. After layout and previous to the removal process - holes would be bored to accept the necessary crane rigging for lifting and staging the cut and removed pieces.

As shown below in the included photos and video you can see that our crew did an amazing job on this project. In one Saturday shift, everything was removed safely and professionally. We pride ourselves in offering intelligent and affordable concrete removal and concrete demolition solutions and we always strive to deliver all tasks on-time and on-budget. If you are in need of concrete demolition or concrete removal give us a call at 913-681-9050 to discuss your needs. If you prefer send an email to or submit a request form online by visiting

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